August 17, 2006

Most nurses are women, married and the average age are 40’s, and they are not being replace by the new generation. Nursing career is dynamic. They are not being replace because nursing work is hard, pay is just average, and the work schedule is not conducive to have a life. Surely, the wages of the nurses have risen, but if you compare them to technical side and management side, they are well below the average of these industry. Because of these reasons, nurses now are becoming self employed and work as independent nurse contractor. Whether they are an RN, LPN, Nurse Anesthesiologist, Psych RN’s, majority of professionals are becoming entrepreneurs and owning their own business and or becoming independent nurse contractor. These independent RN contractor are being employed by hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, and corporate environment. These nurses know that they are in demand and therefore they are taking advantage of the demand and supply. By being independent these nurses own their own schedule, their rate of pay is almost double, and they have the option of working for less hours. These entrepreneurs are taking the advantage of the supply and demand, where their professions are in demand therefore a lot of them are commanding a higher income.


Starting a nurse agency

August 7, 2006

A new trend is emerging in the medical industry especially in Nursing field. The first baby boomer was born this year and their are about 76 million of them coming. Because of this generation our healthcare system will be in catastrophe because their is less people going to medical field. These baby boomers will be needing medical care and adult services. Medical services are being provided by hospitals, nursing homes, medical clinics, and rehabilitation clinics. These baby boomers will be needing medical cares, home cares, adult day care services, and long term care such as nursing homes.

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August 7, 2006

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